Meet Our Team

Rev. John M. Anderson, President/CEO

As President/CEO, Rev. John M. Anderson is dedicated to helping the homeless and impoverished of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

With degree specializations in computer science and business, he found early success in the field of data processing as an operator and manager, eventually founding his own computer operations consulting company.

Then John’s life took a devastating turn. An addiction led him to walk away from his family and career, and a year later, he was homeless and living on the streets of San Diego. That’s when John placed his personal faith in Jesus at the San Diego Rescue Mission and began a spiritual journey that led him to leadership here at the Bay Area Rescue Mission. For over 25 years, John has dedicated his life to helping the homeless and impoverished.

As President/CEO, John has been able to share his own transformation through faith in Jesus Christ with our guests while also using his computer operations expertise to bring innovative educational and job-skills training programs to those recovering at the Rescue Mission. He’s also used his experience to establish sound business procedures and practices in the world of nonprofit ministry.


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Paul Busk

VP, Finance & Operations

Sherwin Harris

Director, Bridge of Hope Project

Joann Martinez

Manager, Center for Women & Children

Leo Freels

Asst. Manager, Food Pantry & Distribution

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Manager, Volunteer Services

Chris Dikes

Manager, Kitchen & Culinary Arts
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Stephanie Sewell

VP, Development

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Mike Lubcyik, Chairman

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Dale Cross, Secretary

Karl Jones, Treasurer

John Anderson, President/CEO

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