Board of Directors

  • Andy Santamaria, Chairman
  • Matt Henry, Vice-Chair
  • Dale Cross, Secretary
  • C.N. “Gus” Petsas, Treasurer
  • John Anderson, President/CEO
  • Charles "Jerry" Hammer
  • Karl Jones
  • Mike Lubcyik
  • Margaret Lin
  • Walt Rogers

Rev. John M. Anderson, President/CEO

Rev. John M. Anderson serves as President/CEO of the Bay Area Rescue Mission, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, which is dedicated to helping the homeless and impoverished of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Born and raised in Columbus, Indiana, John graduated from Columbus High School in 1971 and attended Greenville College, Indiana University, Western Kentucky University, and the University of Miami, specializing in computer science and business, while establishing a successful career in the field of data processing.

In 1973, John went to work for Arvin Industries in Columbus, Indiana, as a computer operator. During the next four years he advanced to the position of Manager of Computer Operations Support and Data Processing Manager.

In 1979, John moved to Miami where he established his own computer operations consulting service, specializing in mainframe computer system conversions and operating systems training.

In addition, he worked for Exxon as their computer operations analyst for South American, Central American, and Caribbean computer operations.

In 1982, John’s life took a devastating turn, when his addiction to cocaine prompted him to walk away from his career and family. John traveled across the country, and by November of 1982, he was homeless and living on the streets in San Diego, estranged from family and friends 

In January of 1983, John placed his personal faith in Jesus at the San Diego Rescue Mission and began a spiritual journey that has been the driving force in his radical career change. For over twenty-five years, John has dedicated his life to helping the homeless and impoverished (in San Diego until August of 1993, and subsequently in the Bay Area).

While articulating the change that occurred in his life through faith in Jesus Christ, John has been able to use his past occupational expertise to bring innovative educational and job skills training programs to the homeless and impoverished. His experience in business has served well in establishing sound business procedures and practices in non-profit ministry.