Youth Outreach

Through our Youth Outreach Program, the Rescue Mission works to prevent homelessness by giving children and teenagers from inner-city schools the academic, emotional and spiritual resources they need to succeed.

Special events, including Christmas, Easter, summer camps and back-to-school programs, reach even more disadvantaged youth in the Bay Area.

Begun over 20 years ago, this program is an important key in the Rescue Mission’s proactive efforts to combat homelessness, alcoholism, and drug addiction by equipping youth with academic and emotional resources needed for successful adulthood. It is our goal to identify and address barriers our youth face such as gang related activities, substance and physical abuse, and exposure to violent crimes, by providing a safe place to support students in their academic success, physical, social and psychological development and to encourage them to set goals which will assist them in becoming positive contributors to their communities.

We see this intervention program as a way to positively challenge our youth to imagine and work towards a life of stability.