Center for Women and Children

The Center for Women and Children provides single women and women with children a place of shelter and support in their time of need. The Center offers dormitories and private rooms for sleeping, a dining room for meals, and showers and toiletries. It provides both initial protection and a starting point for our guests who are in need of a safe place to begin to address their problems and create a plan for the future.

Currently we have 195 shelter beds for homeless single women and women with children. Of those, 30 beds are for emergency shelter and 165 beds are for our long-term discipleship program. Last year we were at capacity 341 nights of the year.

The single mothers with children who come to the Rescue Mission are dealing with multiple issues such as a recent divorce, low income without sufficient savings to weather a job loss or a debilitating illness or escaping domestic violence.

Protection from the elements and from the hazards of street life is essential to our guests’ health and state of mind, especially for women and children. It also gives them the opportunity to begin addressing their problems. Through the combination of innovative programs, a caring community, dedicated staff and volunteers, and our guests’ desire and motivation; homeless individuals are able to regain self-confidence, learn employable skills, strengthen their family unit, and become productive members in the community.