0517_bay_nl_02.jpg"I found God again."

Garth was born into a happy, Christian home. “I grew up with a great family. I had everything I ever wanted,” he says.

Then he started high school and his life took a dramatic turn. “I had a daughter at 14 and started using cocaine,” he says. “By the age of 15, I was experimenting with meth.”

Garth used on and off for the next 10 years. Then his fiancée was murdered and drugs took over his life.

In the years to follow, Garth was in and out of rehab, did prison time, and eventually found himself homeless. It was then when he came to our Emergency Shelter and learned about our Men’s Discipleship Program. “Someone told me how the program had put their life back on track,” Garth says. “I wanted something different for my life, too.”

So Garth entered the program and, through counseling, life-skills classes, and biblical training, his life began to change. “I found God again,” he says.

Garth’s bond with his daughter has also been restored. “She wanted nothing to do with me before, but the Rescue Mission helped reestablish our relationship. Now I see her every month,” he says.

Meanwhile, Garth has grown in his vocation through running our kitchen and taking culinary classes at Contra Costa College. “I always worked as a waiter, bartender, or floor manager,” he says. “Now, I have back-of-the-house experience, too, so I can get a job as a restaurant manager.”

Garth plans to graduate from the program and intern here, continuing to work in our kitchen while finishing his culinary degree. “If it hadn’t been for the Rescue Mission, I wouldn’t have my life back on track,” he says. “I owe everything to the Rescue Mission and to God.”

WITH YOUR HELP, Garth and others like him are finding that God’s hope and healing are for everyone, regardless of their past or circumstances. Thank you for your generous support!

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