0317_bay_nl_02.2.jpgFrom Desperation to Hope

When Jeremy was a little boy, he was abused by his mother and stepfather. “My grandmother got custody of me when I was six and showed me real love, but the damage was already done,” he says. “I turned to drugs and alcohol in my teens.”

In the years that followed, Jeremy’s addiction took over his life, and alienated him from his son and the rest of his family. “I became a full-blown addict,” he says.

A Christian friend told Jeremy about the Bay Area Rescue Mission and he felt God calling him here. “When I got here, I immediately noticed the presence of God and an authenticity in the staff,” he says. “I told them I was done using drugs and that I wanted to be back in my son’s life. They prayed for me and a feeling came over me that I’d never felt before. I met the Lord.”

Through our Men’s Discipleship Program, Jeremy has grown strong in his faith, and now serves as a leader for men new to the program. “I’ve learned to put God first, honor Him, be an example, and give back to others what I’ve received,” he says.

Jeremy’s relationship with his son has now been restored, as well. “He’s really happy that I’m back in his life, and I’m in a position now to be the best father I can be,” Jeremy says. “My father used drugs – and probably his father before him. It feels good to break the cycle of addiction.”

Jeremy, who is entering the last phase of the program, plans to complete a computer certification course, graduate from the program, and find a job. “I’m excited to be a productive member of society again,” he says. “God healed me here. The Spirit of God is working at the Rescue Mission.”

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