Build Your Company Culture Through Corporate Giving

As the holiday season gets seriously underway, maybe a new type of gifting is something your company would like to consider this year. One way is to shift the traditional “gifting” to “giving” not only of material resources but also of time and energy. Perhaps you are interested in participating in a corporate giving and volunteering program. 

Workplace Giving

Company employees can participate in workplace giving via several channels, including Combined Federal Campaign, Local Independent Charities of America and United Way. If you have questions about matching gifts through your corporate giving program, please reach out to Wood Tausend, VP of Development at 510-215-4889 or

Being a Leader and Creating Legacy

FedEx Cares Hygiene Kit & Water Distribution to those homeless living on the streetsAs a member of the community, companies are expected to give back to the communities that host them. But being a company that encourages and supports its employees in helping others through not only giving by personal volunteering, helps employees learn how to be community leaders. And community leaders create legacy, an invisible but palpable bond, among those who call a community home – whether they work or live in it.

Getting Involved in Your Community

RPM Mortgage Volunteering at our Great Thanksgiving Banquet 2017Volunteers and non-profit groups do a lot, but communities can also use the help of extra hands found in local businesses to balance the load of all that needs doing in any given community. 
Not only does volunteering and contributing feel good, it makes good business sense, too. Donations allow for charitable deductions on income taxes. Providing hands-on volunteering alongside community members helps develop strong local bonds between residents and a business, which can lead to increased sales.

It also helps your employees feel like they are an integral part of the community as they develop an enhanced sense of purpose and commitment.

Contact the Bay Area Rescue Mission directly and let us know how your company might want to help this holiday season. Contact us at (510) 215-4555. Just tell us what you have in mind as a means for helping the homeless community we serve. BARM changes lives by providing emergency shelter, meals, and many other services in the Bay area. We are located at 200 Macdonald Avenue in Richmond. 

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