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Pretty much everyone struggles during their lifetime. For a significant portion of the San Francisco Bay Area’s population, those struggles include homelessness. Homelessness in the Bay Area is at crisis levels and a chronic problem, affecting an estimated 20,000 people who are both homeless and hungry.
Every person encounters difficulties in life, but for those with weak or nonexistent support networks, difficulties can all too easily become crises. Bay Area Rescue Mission works with people in the Bay Area who are experiencing homelessness, substance abuse and other life-constraining problems. We give them hope, help them see a direction forward, provide them with support and resources, and often, thankfully, help them overcome difficulties and make new, fulfilling lives for themselves.
As the holiday season gets seriously underway, maybe a new type of gifting is something your company would like to consider this year. One way is to shift the traditional “gifting” to “giving” not only of material resources but also of time and energy. Perhaps you are interested in participating in a corporate giving and volunteering program. 
As we enter the holiday season, a time of hope filled with so many possibilities of what can become reality in the coming year, our desire is to make 2018 a time of new beginnings for more members of the large community of people we serve at Bay Area Rescue Mission. Won’t you consider sharing your time and resources to helping us deliver that hope?
Richmond, California; November 22, 2017 – The Bay Area Rescue Mission, along with hundreds of other Gospel Rescue Missions nationwide, will be serving a hot Thanksgiving Lunch to the thousands of homeless in their community. The Great Thanksgiving Banquet, held at the Richmond Civic Auditorium, will happen on Wednesday November 22. Doors will open at 11 AM.
Richmond, California; November 21, 2017 – The Bay Area Rescue Mission is hosting a Free Thanksgiving Community Food Bag Giveaway to low income families of our community. On Tuesday November 21, starting at 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM we will have groups of pre-registered community members come in to receive a turkey, canned vegetables, instant mashed potatoes and more.
Richmond, California – On Tuesday October 10, 2017, the Bay Area Rescue Mission has dispatched a truck with food and supplies to help those suffering from the fires in Santa Rosa and Napa.
As we are watching updates on the new of those being affected by the Sonoma and Napa wildfires, our immediate reaction at the Bay Area Rescue Mission was what can we do to help. We know that many of those affected by the fires could hardly imagine, that in just a few short moments, they are now experiencing homelessness.
Help us provide Thanksgiving & Christmas meals and Christmas gifts for the homeless and those in-need of our community. Download our Holiday Wish List here.
Overcoming from an addiction is an incredibly challenging process. Watching a loved one struggle with breaking the repeating cycle from drugs or alcohol is heart-wrenching for a family member and they often wonder how they can help.