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Miriam reaches out to friends, but ended up on the streets; Lois was gripped by the fear of being homeless
Miriam is focused on gaining her GED to persue work in the Culinary field; Lois is focused on getting established and maintaining friendships at the Mission.

Trenia seeks release from depression; Vicki anticipates eviction, fears relapse
Trenia looking to return to her profession while resting and waiting on the Lord; Vicki is looking forward to a future in the food service industry.

Clinging onto life, Gabby felt the hand of God; little Alex and her mom found friends, needs being met at the Mission; once homeless, Lois fought feelins of fear, loss of confidence
Gabby now looks forward reconnect with her daughters; Lois found peace and hope for the future.

Unstability lead Mimi and Brianna to find a new family, stability and opportunity; Lakitha's renewed strength, hope
Couch hopping and killing time at Target took it's toll on Mimi and daughter Brianna; both share of past, future. Lakitha shares of renewed faith in God.

TJ's dreaded knock on the door; Dennis' place to retore his soul; John's encouragement and help
TJ searched for many options but the Mission was the one place ready for them; John traveled across the country to begin the process of restoration.

Monica saw life change for the better at the Mission; pregnant and kicked-out, Maria comes to the Mission
Monica family hit hard times with the loss of a job and life became increasingly difficult; Maria chose to get refocused as she stays at the mission with her children.

Eunice learned how to walk in the love of the Lord & Frank was given a new lease on life
Eunice has gained a renewed perspective since being on our Discipleship Program; for Frank, it hasn't always been easy but it has been good.

Mimi' Sees Her Future is Limitless & Harry found more than a Program
Since graduating the Mission's program, Mimi sees her life without limits. Harry found at the Mission a house where the chaplains who cared and helped.

Brandon's Search for Self-Fulfillment & Trenia Seeking Release from Depression
Brandon lost both parents before turning 7 years old and his endless search for self-fulfillment. Trenia's life was unravelling before her and her search for peace to move forward.

Robert's Slow Slide towards Homelessness
Robert M. grew up in a caring home but found alcohol by the age of 10 and remembers how his life slowly grew out of control.

Debra's Search for Jesus as Messiah -- 1 hour Special Program
Debra Anderson shares about how she reconciled her Jewish upbringing and faith with that of Jesus Christ as Messiah.

Looking for Mercy
After dropping out of high school, Anthony has experienced the roller coaster of marginal success and the dips of addiction but he needed help to stop

Removing the Yoke of Bondage
Receiving freedom and escaping from past feelings weighted Andy down the yoke of addiction, until one caring friend reached out to help

Finding Peace In God
After making a decision to "having a good time" and walking away from responsibilities, Rodney has found peace and humility through God at the Rescue Mission

Trying to Fill the Void of Love
Being introduce to drugs by his mom, Aubrey's longing to feel accepted, loved could not be satiated in his own power

Amazing Impact on a Life; Part 2
Our Chairman-to-be tells of how he has had a change of mind and heart on the ministry of the Rescue Mission and how Andy was compelled to get involved

Amazing Impact on a Life; Part 1
Our Chairman-to-be tells of how he has had a change of mind and heart on the ministry of the Rescue Mission and how Andy was compelled to get involved

Searching and Emptiness; Part 1
Being enticed and consumed by the excitement of drug life culture, Moses was led down a long road of searching and emptiness

A Place of Hope
Having trouble dealing with the stresses and problems of life, Chris ended up at a place where he received hope

God is Present in Hard Times
Being raised in a Christian home, Jo Rae having a good foundation, was able to see God present during the hard times

Learning How To Cope; Part 1
Not knowing how to cope with the unresolved questions, fear and longing; began a process of self-correcting through alcohol and drugs

Not My Strength But God's
Not being able to live the "Christian Life" by human-strength or shear will-power, Mike realizes surrendering his will to God is the only way

Finding a New Purpose
Being at a dead-end in life, the Rescue Mission has helped to reveal a new purpose for Tim

A Second Chance at Hope
Hear how the Rescue Mission helps build an opportunity for hope for those who join the Recovery Program

Finding the Depths of Wisdom from God
A low point in life was only the beginning of finding God's hope

From Foolishness to a Future; Part 1
There is a way that seems right to a man but that way leads to foolishness

Road to Restoration, Part 2
A young father's prolonged trip to addiction and homelessness and, finally, hope

Road to Restoration, Part 1
A young father's prolonged trip to addiction and homelessness and, finally, hope

Never too Late
Homeless at 16 or 48, it is never too late to turn your life around.

Pursued by God
A man who was self-reliant became a man who relied on God.

Forgiveness from God
God intervened and moved a family out of a difficult situation into a haven of rest.

Depths of God's Wisdom
After a series of disappointments, life no longer was filled with joy or hope. With Jesus Christ in his life, Guy's family and hope is restored.

Freed by God
Running from past pain to drugs. No longer wanting isolation, he wants to be involved and active in life, with Jesus Christ in his life.

Pursued by God
After high school, trying to function on drugs lead Roy down the road to many jail cells. But now with Jesus Christ in his heart, he has a new start.

Shout for Joy unto the Lord
From a little town to the big city, hanging out with the wrong crowd and taking drugs led Robert to be homeless. But now he has a life filled with Jesus Christ.