Fundraising Drive

In five easy steps, you can organize your very own collection drive

Step 1 — Choose what kind of collection drive to hold.
Fundraising Drive

The most effective way to care for the homeless is by sending funds. Your funds go immediately to work helping the homeless and needy. We work hard to have your donation dollar be stretched to the max.

$2.05 - provides one meal to the hungry

$5.86 - provides one night’s stay to the homeless

$7.03 - provides recovery classes and job skills training for one day

Step 2 ‒ How do you motivate your group?
Build excitement, compassion and action

•     Competitive: Multiple groups trying to out-do each other.

  • Progress-O-Meter: Set a group goal / mini-goal per person and have a thermometer or gauge to show the progress of your drive.

•     Compassion: Because of the great need, how could I not give or impact one life?

  • Guest Rescue Mission Speaker: come and talk about the Rescue Mission and tell about homelessness, recovery and the great need

•     Contribution: Everyone has something to give. Value the act of giving; that’s what counts, not the substance of what was given.

•     Social Games & Ice-Breakers

  • Scavenger Hunt ‒ Have multiple teams go out and see who can be the most creative on gathering specific items on a list
Step 3 ‒ Promote your Collection Drive.

Spread the word and make it visible

Here are a few Promotion Flyers for you to kick start your drive

Letter Poster

8-1/2” x 11”  

Tabloid Poster

11” x 17”

Step 4 ‒ What to do once the items are collected?

Post-drive planning is important.

  • Complete Log sheet of volunteer hours
  • Complete Log sheet of expenditures
  • Assign a team member to deliver drive items and log sheets to the Mission
  • Schedule a tour of the Rescue Mission with your Drive team, (contact Volunteer Services Dept.)          
Step 5 ‒ What are the benefits of giving special recognition?

Celebrate your team’s accomplishments with a special party, meeting or gathering.

Report on what your team or group was able to accomplish.

Provide a meaningful memento of what was accomplished.

  • Photos
  • Trophies or plaques (genuine, fun or humorous)
  • Special Recognition or perk   

Ready, Set & Go!

Thank you so much for your interest in holding you own collection drive. We wish you “all the best” as you encourage others to care for the homeless and those in-need.

To get started, please fill out our Online Volunteer Form to let us know that your plans.

Download a printable Collection Drives handout